Wednesday, 27 September 2017

6x6 Game and monthly progress update

With the blue cloth already spread out on the tabletop there was time for a second Galleys and Galleons game. This time we have a privateer galleon trying to sink a merchant ship which is being escorted by a Spanish galleon.

The Spanish start at anchor and cannot move until the Privateer comes into sight. Then they must first spend one move to weigh anchor before moving.

The privateer (still unseen) moves towards the Spanish.
Spanish lookout spot the privateer as the ship comes around the headland.
Spanish weigh anchor.
The privateer gets a damaging broadside off against the escorting galleon.
As a result of the damage to the galleon there were some garbled orders and the resulting confusion meant the galleon  takes a wrong heading. Meanwhile the merchant is quickly under sail.
With the merchant ship on the run and isolated - the privateer gives chase.
The merchant crew is experienced and is giving the privateer a run for their money. Meanwhile the Spanish escort galleon is in hot pursuit. 
Finally some damage is done to the merchantman.
The merchant ship tries to break free from the pursuit as the galleon threatens the privateer.
The pursuit continues as the merchant ship seeks escape (through getting off the table in the corner)
More damage is inflicted
The merchant ship is finally sunk when so close to escaping.

As it is very unlikely I will play another 6x6 challenge game this month. Here is my 6x6 progress as at the end of September:

  • Tank-on-Tank (Lock 'n' Load Publishing) SciFi Variant - 6 games completed in February
  • Dark Ages with Dux Bellorum (Osprey) - 6 games completed in January using paper armies
  • WW2 Naval (Pz8 rules) - 6 games now completed in July.
  • 19th Century European Imagi-Nations OHW Variant - 6 played. The final games were played in August.
  • Galleys and Galleons (Ganesha Games) - 4 games have been played so far.
  • Hundred Years War using Lion Rampant (Osprey) - 6 games completed as part of a series of campaign games.


  1. I do like the look of your Galley game. I have Osprey rules - Fighting Sail, of which I have heard some complaints, but to this land lubber, I doubt I would even recognise a problem - I would just treat it as a fun game. Tumbling Dice have some nice looking galleys.

    1. Thank you. I too treat this as a fun game and the Ganesha rules seem to align themselves a good fun game with a flavour of the period through special rule additions.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. The cut out ships show up well in the photographs.